4 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Consultants to Hack the Growth

Even the leading real estate dealers, real estate brokers and property consultants in NCR Delhi are facing the heat of demonetization and the upcoming regulation of real estate bill 2016. Everyone in real estate business was already struggling to score the maximum success and the profitability but now the game has become more challenging. In the totally changed environment, surviving in style has become a tough task for the real estate professionals, especially for those, who have a team of experts and executives. Here, I present six online smart tricks to hack the growth in real estate industry:

  1. Google Adwords

Google Adwords has emerged at the top favorite advertising tool for any business; and, it is equally effective for real estate business also. It allows you to find a prominent place in the searches initiated to find a real estate dealer, property consultant or real estate broker in NCR Delhi. It needs some investment but the total cost can be managed to suit the budget.

  1. Twitter

Regular use of Twitter helps you to register your presence in the real estate industry. Use this social media channel to expand your followers’ base by sharing your views and the important information. The on time presence to comment on the sparking tweets shows that how much informed, active and sensitive you are to any development in real estate business.

  1. LinkedIn

Most real estate professionals are not as much active on LinkedIn as they should be. This social media networking channel allows you to grow the community of professionals in the similar business line but with different views and expertise. It provides unlimited freedom to express your thoughts and to create/solidify in-trade image.

  1. YouTube

Today, YouTube is counted as the real-time social media channel to find the latest information from the authorized professional. The prominent real estate companies, brokers, real estate consultants use it to keep the target audience updated with latest developments; may it be launch of projects, special discounts, new offers or slashes of prices etc.


Good News to Combat Demonetization Chaos in Real Estate Market

Indian real estate market was experiencing a sleepy period since the demonetization and the much publicized Benami Property Act but recent initiatives taken by the major builders and developers fueled again the expectations of fence sitting end users. Numbers of people still waiting to book their dream property in NCR in 2016-17 have again started to contact the leading real estate consultants and real estate brokers. Certainly, it is ear raising development for the investors and real estate developers/builders both.

Two prominent and real estate developers ATS Infrastructure and Unishire have started to offer home loan at 6-7 %. Delhi Infratech is another big player to jump in the game of attracting the fence sitters; if it happens, investors eyeing upon its De Nest project on Gurugram-Faridabad Expressway will take it as a great gesture. In another significant move, the State Bank of India, the largest commercial bank in India, announced reduction in home loan rates. The step is expected to be followed by other public sectors banks also as Bank of Baroda announced the reduction in home loan rate on 9th January 2017. The leading real estate website ‘Magicbricks’ has introduced a property price tracker named-  ‘PriceFlashEngine’; it facilitates the users to setting up the alerts to inform them about the properties priced within their budget.

The key real estate consultants and brokers in NCR are drawing the attention of buyers over the ‘near to completion’ residential and commercial projects. Amid the uncertainties in real estate market, it is the best time for the end users to negotiate for the dream house or commercial space in NCR. However, some property consultants in NCR with short-term business goals are taking the undue benefits of wide spread uncertainties in real estate market and the lack of knowledge of buyers about the processes. Therefore, buyers are advised to deal only with a reputed real estate consultant/broker with proven credibility and impressive record of deals in the particular area.

10 Hacks of RERA That Will Help You Buy Right property

Real Estate Regulation Act (India), passed in March 2016 is intended to help the buyers and to draw the legal investment as well. RERA has been regulated from 1st May 2016. It has just the 69 sections out of 92 sections. Now, both the governments at center and state are liable to notify its ruling within 6 months. Here are the 10 most important facts about RERA that you should essentially know:

  1. Real Estate Regulation Act makes ‘State Real Estate Regulatory Authority’ of the particular state the authorized body to redress the grievances against builders.
  2. State Real Estate Regulatory Authority is authorized to govern the transactions for residential and commercial properties.
  3. RERA makes it compulsory for the builders to deposit 70% funds in a dedicated bank account. It will stop the builders to invest the money received for one project in to another upcoming project; the common practice delays the completion of projects.
  4. RERA makes it a compulsion for the builders to submit complete information about the project plan, government approvals, layout, land title, sub contractors, completion etc to State Real Estate Regulatory Authority and the buyers.
  5. Selling the properties on the basis of super built-up area is a very common practice; Real Estate Regulation Act compels to stop this practice.
  6. In case of delay, the new law enforces the builder to pay the penalty at the same rate at which buyer has sought the loan from the banks.
  7. The maximum jail term of three years with/without fine is proposed in RERA for the faulty real estate developers who violate the order of RERA.
  8. If any inferior quality or deficiency in building is noticed by the buyer, he can contact the builder to demand after sales support for the one year after taking possession.
  9. Builder can’t make the changes to the agreed and submitted plan of the building without the consent of buyer.
  10. Every project measuring more than 500 Sq meters should be registered with

In total, RERA is going to relief the buyers by keeping the builders well under control of State Real Estate Regulatory Authority. If you are planning to buy your dream home or you are looking for a decent space to set up your business, ask your real estate consultant to offer only the RERA registered properties.


Residential Properties In Delhi & NCR You Can Buy Safe in 2017

It is a common perspective that the property prices in Delhi and NCR are sure to come down. The majority of real estate brokers in Delhi and NCR havgbp-zirakpur-comm-hi-res-view-cam05-18-04-14-2-large_2_orige the common opinion that there may be 10-20 % downfall in residential property prices within months. On the other side, some Real Estate Consultants authorized by the developers and builders have a different opinion about this aspect regarding their particular projects; these Real Estate professionals are sure that the property they are offering now is already tagged at rock bottom price and there is no scope for further reduction.

The after effects of demonetization in Real Estate sectors will appear only after a couple of months, especially after the budget but all the leading project Consultants have a common opinion that there may be a downfall for a couple of months but it should be taken as the indication of the surge in property prices. The logic is simple – the reduction in prices will create more buyers and high demand means a rise in prices. Therefore, if you invest in rightly priced residential property today, you will get handsome return much earlier than before. However, you need the help of an expert Real Estate Broker dealing in Delhi and NCR to find the profit promising properties. I mention below some sizzling properties in Delhi and around that would make you interested in buying:


Builder Location Type Area (Sq.Ft)
Ahinsha Builders Shahdara, New Delhi 2 & 3 Bhk 1150 – 1450 Sq.Ft.
Shree Vardhman Gardenia Sector – 10, Sonepat


2, 3, 4 & 5 Bhk


995 – 2625 Sq.Ft
Jindal Global City Sector – 35, Sonepat




1425 – 1550 Sq.Ft
Ajnara City Sector 27, Greater Noida 2 & 3 Bhk 895 – 1550 Sq.Ft
Ecovillage-2 Greater Noida West


1, 2 & 3 Bhk


890 1906 Sq.Ft


The above properties are almost ready to move in but there are numbers of properties in outer skirts of Delhi, which are expected to be complete within months. Most of these under construction properties are available at highly discounted price. An experienced Real Estate Consultant, active in NCR, may be a great source of guidance to invest securely with the high return potential.


3 Prime Destinations To Buy 3-BHK apartments Around Delhi-NCR

After the recently passed Real Estate Act and other reforming acts to drain out the black money invested in Real Estate business, numbers of serious medium budget buyers with the intention to use the bought out the property for self are expecting the sharp decline in the prices. The speculations are getting the support from the vivid survey reports that indicate that Real Estate Sector is the biggest pool to dump unaccounted money; and, the investors will pull back their money after the enforcement of Benami Transactions Act. It is sure that there would be the great relief to the genuine buyer because of reduction in the home loan rate and the pressure upon the builders to sell out their properties at the earliest.

All the intended reliefs are expected to arrive at the doorstep of actual buyers; some great announcements by the leading banks and developers/ builders may give you enough reasons by March 2017 to say ‘Cheers’.  Now, you have enough reasons to buy your own 2 or 3 BHK apartment around Delhi-NCR and to say bye- bye to rentals. But, the big question is – where. Following are the four prime destinations where you can explore the projects to find your dream apartment with the help of experienced real estate Consultants, Brokers in Delhi NCR, and Real Estate Projects Management Experts:

New Dwarka – Gurgaon Expressway

The upcoming Real Estate projects on the expressway connecting Gurgaon and Dwarka are drawing the attention of real estate agents, investors and buyers because of being close to International airport and the prominent business sector of Gurgaon. The eight lanes Northern Peripheral Expressway will connect Dwarka and National Highway 8. The Expressway is expected to be stretched up to 18 kms to connect with forthcoming economic zones as proposed by Haryana Government. All the required facilities are available within reasonable distance. The residential apartments of mid-segment projects at perfect locations are available @ R3,000-4,500 per sq ft.


Once Bhiwadi used to be a sleepy town but now it is emerging as the hot cake on NH-8 for the buildeimg-20161109-wa0004rs/developers and investors /buyers. The small city situated in Alwar district (Rajasthan) borders Haryana. It is already spread over the 3,347 acres; another 3,000 acres already has been allotted for its extension. During past couple of years, it emerged as the hub of small, medium and large-scale businesses attracting large numbers of service class people because of offering plenty of jobs in every sector. The prominent brands you can explore to buy your dream apartment are Ashiana Housing, Krish Group, Parsvnath, MVL, BDI, Genesis, Avalon, Jagrit Infrastructure, Star Realcon etc. 3BHK apartments of 1,320-1,520 sq ft are available for Rs 34-39 lakh as against Rs 30-35 lakh in 2009. Independent villas, however, have seen a steep escalation in prices. The residential apartments of mid-segment projects at perfect locations are available @ R2,000 – 3,000 per sq ft.

Yamuna Expressway

The six-lane 165 kilometer long Yamuna Expressway connects Noida – Greater Noida – Agra. It is a booming destination for the real estate investment. The prominent factors that make it special among the prime destinations for Real Estate investment in and around Delhi NCR are – proximity to New Delhi, rapid industrialization, the hub of educational institutions. Here, Jaypee Infratech, SDS Infrastructure, Nimbus, Ajnara, Anushria Realtors and Orris Infrastructure etc are the leading real estate developers.  The property prices are comparatively higher and vary too much with the change of location. However, The residential apartments of mid-segment projects at perfect locations are available @ R3,500 -4,500 per sq ft.

Scope in Real Estate Investment after Demonetization in India

India’s real estate sector experienced the significant drop of 42% in total property transactions over during the first nine months of 2016 despite having intense support from the institutional investors within the country or outside. Real Capital Analytics (RCA) reports confirming that total drop in investment for commercial property transactions is about 82% during Q3 2016. Both the figures surprise the trade experts despite the favorable perception of regular investors and strengthened interest in investing in residential and commercial property in major towns of India. Now, after the ban on Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes, Real Estate Brokers are expecting a sleep period of about 6 months. So, is it the time to worry or to withdraw the money invested in real estate sector?


It is a very common perception in Indian real estate market that the effects of currency demonetization will deliver long-term benefits. Real-estate sector constitutes about 11 per cent of GDP. The recent report released by Ambit Capital states that I ‘black economy’ in real estate business stands more than Rs 30 lakh crore, which is about 20 % of total GDP. Certainly, there will be the significant drop in this figure within few months. It means that real estate industry is standing at the crossroads undecided for the directions to move further.

Many decent deals with promise for attractive return are expected to come with cancellation offer sooner or later but within few months. If you have legal capability to invest, it is the best time to catch the big fish and make the profit. The question arises – ‘where one should focus on – residential property or commercial property’.  The cash component in commercial real estate deals has always been larger; so, the cancellation offers from this segment would be fewer. It means that genuine buyers with the support of knowledgeable and efficient real estate consultants must focus on buying the prime residential units.

No Money Left! Welcome To become a Real Estate investor

Residential segment of real estate has become the prime choice of people to invest safely with multiple purposes; they can use the bought out residential property to live, to rent or to resell at escalated price after some period. When you pufunphotobox1162270313rbdlepmp in the comparatively small amount of money in the residential real estate, you get a vast landscape to live with a futuristic dream. Since a couple of decades, Residential Real Estate Sector is alluring the investors because of the steep rising property rate; on the other side, the trend has made it difficult for the end users to find and buy their dream home within affordable limits. The smart  have structured some safe routes for the tight budget or almost no-money buyers of residential property.

  1. Seller Financing

If a seller is determined to sell his property at the earliest, you can negotiate a loan from him. You can offer higher monthly installment instead of down payment. The another way to negotiate through this route is to ask the seller to pay the down payment as the discount on the demanded price with a justification that he will make the deal for his property months’ before.

  1. Property Leasing With Option To Buy

You can start investing in residential real estate by making very low payment for a leased property until you arrange enough money required to buy that property. The paid amount during the lease period will be deducted from the purchase price. The agreement for such deals must clearly state the final price of the property at the particular time, the percentage of paid lease amount to be adjusted with the purchase price.

  1. Trade Workout

The residential property’ buyers with no money in hand can offer some kills/services/ alternate property to the owners. For example, a contractor by profession can offer the supply of labor to a real estate developer in exchange for down payment.

For each possibility, you must make sure that your Real Estate Consultant prepares the agreement securing the interests of seller and buyer both.